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Encouragement.  Enlightenment. Empowerment.

Tandelyn Atkinson Weaver, a Certified Professional and Executive Coach


I believe in the power of knowing your purpose! 


I am passionate about helping women who are ready to Step into Their Greatness!  I believe that you have a divine purpose, God-given talents, and an ability to develop skills that will help you to achieve more and win in life.


It’s never too late for self-discovery and personal fulfillment.  It requires focus, discipline and a desire make a difference in the world.  I will help you develop your own Personal Mission Statement.  Then I will show you how to map out a measurable action plan to do all the thing you’ve always wanted. Turn your favorite hobby or secret idea into a successful business by utilizing your creative talents, people skills or organizational abilities.



Through coaching and workshops. I have helped many people to: 


  • Think, speak and act differently unleashing unlimited power

  • Turn wishing, hoping and dreaming into action-oriented goal attainment for your personal and professional success.

  • Dramatically improve your ability to handle the challenges in your life.

  • Create structures to empower you to become the person you’ve always want to be

  • Remove the barriers of self-doubt to take control of your destiny

  • Become more spiritually aware, more outwardly interesting to others.

  • Design a life that leaves your unique legacy


If you are ready to make a change, it is my pleasure to serve you!

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