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Work With Me

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is chiefly about discovery, awareness and choice.  You are the “star” and I am here to help you.  As a client, your concerns make up the agenda and are the ultimate focus of all the coaching.  The specific issues we work on are the you have identified as most important in your life at this time. I help  you live a life of meaning and purpose.   You can expect that coaching will help you focus on your whole life:


Fulfillment:   To live a valued life on purpose

Balanced:      To Create your own version of balanced life

Process:         To flow from stuck to unstuck;

Action:          To create an action plan and hold you accountable

Learning:      To understand what worked and what doesn’t work

Discovery Session


Establish the coaching relationship

Gold Package

Personal Coaching

Create Life on Your Own Terms. 

It’s your vision, your rules, your choice…

you decide!

Silver Package

Business Coaching

Create the business of your dreams

Double your mindset

Double your business

Onyx Package

On-Demand Laser Coaching

You need a coach right now!!!

Pearl Package

Group Coaching

Personal Freedom for women.

Dream big, dare to be great!


Mission and Vision

Unlock your life's purpose 

Live with more meaning and fulfillment

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